Orange County Interlocking Paving Stones or Concrete?

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Are you planning to remodel your Orange County driveway? Do you want to boost the functionality of your backyard by adding a walkway? Are you all set to create a deck area? Are you confused about the material? You are not alone. Many homeowners always find it confusing to choose the right material for their project. They cannot narrow down the choices. They keep thinking that which one will be the best fit. 

There are three popular types of construction material. These are bricks, interlocking paving stones, and concrete. All these types have some distinct features, benefits, and downsides as well. When the brick is considered good for the aesthetically appealing look, concrete offers a solid construction. Also, bricks cannot be used in all construction projects. You can use this material in a few limited projects. Concrete can be a great choice for your deck areas, driveways, and walkways. However, interlocking paving stones have come out as the indisputable winner. All the credit goes to its superior quality and many other advanced features. Let’s have a close look at the concrete and interlocking paving stones to know which one can be a smart choice.

Is Concrete Worth Considering?

Concrete is certainly a preferred choice. This material is affordable and that makes it one of the best-selling materials in the current condition. Many homeowners choose this material when they do not want to invest more in their projects. However, you can think twice before going ahead with your decision. Instead of using concrete, you can consider interlocking paving stones. 

If you find interlocking paving stones more expensive, you can wait a bit and plan the project when you will be financially stable to use interlocking paving stones. You can consider concrete when you cannot keep your project on hold for a long time. Concrete can be a suitable solution if you are planning to start the project immediately to avoid any further damage. But you should not consider it when you can afford to wait.

Concrete comes with many downsides even if it fits your budget. First of all, you will have limited options to customize your project. Also, there will be limited style and color varieties. Concrete might not be the best choice if you are looking for some personalized styles. 

When the climate is cold, you can even expect some other side effects. It will start to crack and after a while, it might start fading and that is going to affect the appearance of your exterior significantly. Also, the concrete PSI is low at 4000.

Though it is subjected to fading and cracks, concrete is durable. It can last around a decade and even more than this. However, you might find problems while repairing this material. The process will be time-consuming and also, you will have to spend more on the repair. Even for repairing a small crack, you will have to refill the entire area, and you can imagine that you need to spend for the entire area even the damage is negligible. Also, you cannot avoid repair for a long time since it can cause more damages with time. Another concern is that repairs will not help you to restore the fresh and new look. The refill color might not completely match with the rest of the surfaces. 

Are Interlocking paving stones worth the cost?

Interlocking paving stones are considered better than concrete. You can choose this material if you are looking for a great combination of style and affordability. Homeowners find interlocking paving stones worth spending due to its many benefits. You will get many customization options. Yes, it is easy to customize interlocking paving stones than concrete. You can customize depending on the patterns, stone colors, and styles. You can transform the look of your exterior with interlocking paving stones and can choose any design as well.

The Pacific Coast Pavers team works with the homeowners throughout to create a personalized appearance for their exterior. Interlocking paving stones can go well with any exterior designs. You can choose a style and color that can complement the other designs. The increased density of this material will rule out any possibility of the crack that you normally experience with the concrete.

Interlocking paving stones can be the best option for the pool surfaces due to its grippy nature. If you have installed interlocking paving stones, the possibility of slipping will be less compared to the concrete. Concrete is more slippery than interlocking paving stones when it is wet. The PSI strength of this material is 8000 and that is double of concrete. The PSI strength of the concrete is 4000 as mentioned above. 

When interlocking paving stones will be installed by Pacific Coast Pavers, you can expect even a better result. They use the joint stabilization process to balance the weight along with multiple interlocking paving stones.  Therefore, you will not experience cracks due to overloading.

Install Interlocking paving stones to Get A Peace of Mind

Like concrete, interlocking paving stones can be damaged. But the repair process will vary significantly. As stated earlier, if the concrete is damaged, you will have to refill the entire area. As a result, the end cost will be more. However, you will not experience this problem with interlocking paving stones.

When a part of the installation is damaged, you just need to remove those damaged interlocking paving stones and replace them with new ones. You do not need to repair the entire area that you will have to do when concrete is installed. Also, interlocking paving stones are long-lasting and they can retain the freshness and original color for decades. Therefore, if you replace a few, no one will be able to distinguish between the new and old interlocking paving stones. But the concrete will start fading after a while and any replacement will offer a mismatched look. 

Reliable and reputed companies provide around twenty-five years warranty on interlocking paving stones’ installations. You cannot expect such benefits if you install concrete. Therefore, you can rest assured that your interlocking paving stones’ walkways, driveways, or decks will last long and look appealing even after decades. Even if you experience some damages, you can contact the installation company for repairs. They will do the repairs for free within the warranty period.

Which One Is Better?

Undoubtedly, interlocking paving stones are better. There is no point of contest or confusion when interlocking paving stones lead the industry with unparalleled quality and many other superior features. Contact PC Pavers for Orange County Interlocking Paving Stone Services.